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Alison Churchill BSc (Psych) Hons,  MAPS

As a registered psychologist with over 20 years of experience in the public and private sectors, I adopt a nuanced approach to therapy.  I provide a warm and thoughtful environment for a journey into the heart of your experiences.


The core of my work is with people who are suffering from a feeling of dissatisfaction with their lives and relationships.  For some there may be a sense of not really knowing who they are and what they feel.  Many are unsure of how to formulate the problem for themselves or where to start.  My job is to help people to put words to their silent struggle as they search for a connection with themselves and others.


Many people recognise symptoms, such as depression or anxiety, but may be unsure what may be causing them.  For others, there is a clear experience of a crisis or trauma, grief or loss. Some may wish to explore issues around sexual orientation, the difficulties faced by young families, or concerns around ageing. Other individuals may simply wish to explore possibilities for personal growth.


My therapeutic orientation is psychodynamic psychotherapy.  Rather than having all the answers, the aim of this style of therapy is to explore the aspects of the self hidden from awareness. The focus is on working with the individual’s unconscious processes and current problems are explored and understood in the context of the client’s personal history. For some clients it is easy to identify issues that could be impacting on their lives, such as childhood abuse or neglect, but for others it is a journey into the unknown, where together we piece together early influences and experiences in order to illuminate the inner world.


I encourage clients to identify and harness their own inner resources in addressing their presenting symptoms. In my understanding of the difficulties people face in their lives I utilize relevant aspects of other modalities, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, to help clients affect change.


I see psychotherapy as a journey through which clients are helped to make sense of their lives.  The process of exploring the self can be inspiring and deeply moving, both for the client and the therapist, and ultimately liberating, allowing people to lead a more meaningful and creative life.

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